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Eurovision 2016

How to pronounce the competitors at the Eurovision Song Contest

This annual international song competition is held among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Celebrated for the first time in 1956, this year the 61st edition will take place in Stockholm between the 10th and 14th of May, following Sweden's victory at the 2015 contest in Switzerland.

There will be 42 countries taking part in this contest this year. Although the countries that participate are from Eurasia, Australia will be present again as a special guest, after the country's debut in the last edition. It is the second country outside Eurasia to take part in the contest, after the participation of Morocco in 1980.

Perhaps the most notable countries not taking part this year are Portugal and Romania, the former pulled out after a "long and careful evaluation of our participation" and the latter because of its repeated non-payment of debts to the European Broadcasting Union.

Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

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