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Forvo Media S.L. complies with the prerequisites established by the law 34/2002 of July 11th for services of the Society of Information and e-Commerce, with the law 56/2007, of December 28th for Measures to Promote the Information Society, as well at the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, for the protection of personal data and its implementing regulation (RD 1720/2007, of December 21st, for which the Regulation of the Development of the Organic Law 15/1999 for the protection of personal data) and to this end it has created the following terms and conditions of use.

Forvo Media S.L. is a registered company in San Sebastian (Spain) with CIF B20987541, based at Txirrita Maleo 3G, 20100, Rentería, Gipuzkoa, Spain and Business Registration:

  • Tomo: 2.408
  • Folio: 153Vto
  • Inscrip: 2ª
  • Sección: 8º
  • Hoja: SS-31.114

The following terms of use govern the access and use of, including content and services made available to users through the platform, either by Forvo Media S.L., by their users or by any third party.


Forvo Media S.L. offers an open and collaborative translation service and a pronunciation guide that is created by people interested in sharing this knowledge. Once registered and accepted by those responsible for Forvo Media S.L., users can send their translations and pronunciations to be shared.

Forvo Media S.L. does not act as an intermediary between users or trade between users out with the actual information service provided on the platform.


The use of Forvo Media S.L. shall be subject to the following conditions, which may be updated periodically. However, Forvo Media S.L. will advise of any amendment of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy. If the user decides not to accept the conditions, he/she should not access and/or use the contents and/or services offered on the platform.

Forvo Media S.L. reserves the right to improve, modify or delete, unilaterally and without notice, services and/or contents of this platform serving the most diverse criteria, as long as they inform their users about these changes.

The Forvo Media S.L. platform has different rates according to the services it offers:

  • Non-Profit. For academic and individual use with Anki, GoldenDict etc
    • 500 requests/day
    • No commercial use
    • $2.00 / month Commercial Small Business
  • Commercial use
    • 10,000 requests/day
    • Commercial use allowed
    • $28.95 / month Commercial Corporate
  • 10,000+ request per day + additional customization
    • Commercial use allowed
    • Contact us!

All rates are in US Dollars with taxes not included.

Under no circumstance shall Forvo Media S.L. pay any amount to users who have unsubscribed from their products or make any refund of amounts paid by users.

Method of Payment: Forvo Media S.L. supports payment by Paypal. In the case of Commercial Corporate rates, a specific agreement between the client and Forvo Media S.L. is necessary.


  • It is the responsibility of users to publish accurate data, location, contact information, certificates and other information that may be requested by the platform.
  • Under no circumstances is the information disclosed by its users the responsibility of Forvo Media S.L., although complimentary user information or documentation relating to the correct operation of the Forvo Media S.L. platform can be requested. It excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may arise due to the contents and information lent or provided by users.
  • Forvo Media S.L. is responsible for the proper functioning of the platform and the proper development of the services offered by it.
  • Responsibility to make proper use of the portal: The User agrees to make appropriate use of the platform and not use it for illegal or contrary to good faith and legal order activities (merely indicative and not exhaustive); cause damage to the physical and logical systems of the owner, its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damage, not to mention all those who violate or transgress the honour, personal or family privacy and image of persons, property rights and all other rights belonging to a third party as a result of the transmission, distribution, storage, availability, reception or access the contents or the image of third parties; performing acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising as a result of the transmission, distribution, storage, availability, reception or access to content; the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance and / or timeliness of the content making the user, in all cases, unable to make any claim, judicial or extra-judicial to Forvo Media S.L..
  • The User is solely responsible for the contents and files made available on the site, and for this reason is obliged not to publish (or upload) any file (video, audio, text, etc.) that is subject to intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, unless the legal owner of such rights has granted a license or formal authorization pursuant to the license that governs this platform.
  • Use and custody of user name and password. The User agrees to make diligent use of their password and user name and keep them both secret. It is the sole responsibility of the User to maintain the confidentiality of their password, thus assuming any damages and / or expenses of any kind arising from the breach of this obligation or disclosure of password and misuse as a consequence of the breach of its duty of care, which could affect a third party.
  • In addition, if the user deems it convenient they have the possibility to inform Forvo Media S.L. about those users who may be violating these conditions. Should Forvo Media S.L. confirm the veracity of these allegations it has the right, as established in the preceding paragraphs, to delete/cancel the contents and / or users reported.
  • Communications and notifications: All communications and notifications made will be considered effective for all purposes when made via email to the e-mail provided by the User. The User expressly acknowledges that such data has been supplied by them and is accurate.
  • Unsubscribing from the platform: If the user wishes to unsubscribe from the platform this can be done in the corresponding section. In this case the User's profile will be deleted although their uploaded content will remain.


The user retains all rights to the pronunciations and translations that they upload, share or publish to their profile, granting Forvo Media S.L. a permanent, non-exclusive and free worldwide license which allows it to reproduce, distribute, and publicly communicate them, with the possibility of granting them to third parties; as well as to adding information and transforming them in order to adapt them to the technical needs of the platform.

In the same manner, the user can use the pronunciations and translations made available in Forvo Media S.L. in any way as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Forvo Media S.L. can license translations and / or pronunciations according to the different conditions established in the second point of the conditions mentioned here within.

Forvo Media S.L. is the owner of the database created and managed by Forvo Media S.L. with all the works, as defined in the terms of Article 12 of the LPI and regulated use by Title VIII of the LPI, and with the obligations under article 134 of the aforementioned act. Repeated and / or systematic utilization of parts of the contents of a database implying acts which conflict with a normal exploitation of that database or which unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the maker of the database is not permitted.

All intellectual property rights of this database as well as all trademarks, trade names or any other distinguishing marks are the property of Forvo Media S.L. or their rightful owners, all rights over them being reserved.

Forvo Media S.L. will not be liable for any damage arising from the use of content, services and information provided on this website by users or infraction made by them of any legal provision.


The full responsibility in determining the specific content and services to which minors have access corresponds to the adults who are in charge of those minors. Access and use the portal to minors is prohibited.


Forvo Media S.L. informs the user that the platform uses cookies, considering such information as files lodged in the user's terminal which serve to facilitate user navigation through the portal (eg. allowing the user to not have to reenter user name and / or password). In no event will the cookies collect or perform any collection of personal data. However, the user has the ability to configure the browser so as to prevent the installation of these files.

Forvo Media S.L. assumes no responsibility for any external links which may be included in the portal because it does not have any control over them, so the user accedes these under his own responsibility and conditions of use that govern them.


Forvo Media S.L. protects personal data as set out in the Organic Law on Data Protection and Security Measures Regulations. Information on the protection of personal data is contained in the Privacy Policy.

To this end it has taken the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss or access to unauthorized personal data taking into account the current state of technology. Nevertheless, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable.

In the event that data of a personal nature relating to individuals is included in the platform, Forvo will, prior to the user's inclusion, inform them of the contents in the Privacy Policy.


The platform has, in principle, an indefinite duration. However, Forvo Media S.L. is authorized to terminate or suspend the platform at any time. Where reasonably possible, Forvo Media S.L. will advise about about the termination or suspension of the platform.


These terms are governed by Spanish law. In case of doubt, those of Donostia - San Sebastian, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, unless legally required other than those applicable.